Want to go fishing and have the experience of a lifetime, but are not excited of a day on the boat? Well here we offer some of the best Costa Rica Surf Fishing in the world. Surf fishing is a traditional style of fishing where you are located on the beach and fish from the shore.

At Fishing Costa Rica Experts we promote traditional Costa Rican hand lines, which consist of a spoil of line with hooks strategically place along the portion of the line. Even though we do not use or provide professional surf fishing rods and reels, does not mean you can not bring your own. Here at Fishing Costa Rica Experts we believe in tradition and hand lines have worked for years before. If you choose to bring your equipment, you will be able to use it and fish with our guides. All of our Costa Rica Surf Fishing Tour guides are local costa ricans that have been surf fishing their whole life. You will be expecting to catch snook, snapper, grouper, sea bass and even some small rooster fish might find themselves on the end of your line.

Any Fishing Tour in Costa Rica can accommodate a beginner to a professional, and it's a fun activity for the beach, making it an attractive family day on the beach. You will be amazed with the experience and the secret spots our guides offer. All the fish you catch except the prized Rooster Fish will be cleaned, filleted and bagged for you to take and enjoy. Why not give Traditional Costa Rican Surf Fishing a try while you are here and learn how to fish like a "Tico" at Fishing Costa Rica Experts

Let us know where you staying to recommend you the best fishing guide available at your area?