Fly Fishing in the Mangroves of Costa Rica

This is a little story about how a women learned to love to fish. The Tenorio River is where it started in the beautiful province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


The Tenorio River in Costa Rica rises near the Tenorio Volcano. It becomes a fast moving river, with some areas of rapids popular for white-water rafting. White water rafting is what the Tenorio River is most famous for with tourists (like myself). However, there are incredible soft sections with small rapids perfect for casting a line. You can expect to catch serious amounts of Machaca, Snook and Rainbow Bass.


Randall and I often make trips around Costa Rica to check out new tours, fishing boats and marinas. We are blessed with the ability to travel often in search of  unique experiences we can offer our clients visiting Costa Rica.

When I first started visiting Costa Rica I have to admit fishing was not high on my list of things to do. After meeting Randall my entire perspective changed, fishing is now a way of life, and not often does one day pass where we are not casting a line somewhere.

My life has gone from blue collar business to searching the best underwater cameras and keeping myself updated on the best colour of fishing line.

Randall has owned and managed a fleet of fishing boats  for almost 18 years now, I was heavily involved in business in Canada. The Costa Rican way of life was almost surreal to me. I could hardly believe how different life was in Costa Rica, how relaxed, and how much nature, the ocean and animals were incorporated into their daily life. In the States and Canada we are in such a hurry we forget – fishing was once something our ancestors did on a daily basis out of necessity. We have lost this, in the rush of our daily life. However in Costa Rica “Pura Vida” is a national saying that defines this feeling of peace with nature.

Fly Fishing Costa Rica Guanacaste
Our great friend and guide with a great catch



Fishing in the fresh water rapids on the Tenorio is not entirely new to Costa Rica, however it is just now gaining intense popularity as a fishing trip. Our friends on the Tenorio have even started their own fishing competition, a weekend full of great fun and some intense friendly competition.

We departed bright and early as we made the 90 minute drive from Jaco to the Tenorio River to meet one of Randall’s long time friends. His name is Chuta, and has been fishing on the Tenorio since he was a young boy. I on the other hand had no idea what to expect – all I was told was to dress for some nice rough water. Very confused by “rough” I packed not so great with my Sperry Dock Shoes. As it turns out rough means white water, fishing from  a raft and no – dock shoes were not appropriate!

Still no idea what I was getting into, Randall stayed at the base of the river filming with the drone as we made our way downstream. We would be fly fishing and I have never fly fished. As I headed up river on a typical Costa Rican back road, I watched as the crew in the back of a Toyota truck older than me, tied flies and got our poles ready. I was nervous because I was inexperienced, and this picture below is exactly what I pictured happening to me – only with rods and not paddles.


Fly Fishing Costa Rica Mangroves Guancaste
Tenorio River – this is what comes to mind


The crew put the rafts in the water and the beauty of the untouched riverbanks blew my mind. Macaws, monkeys and tons of wildlife all around us. You could see how rich the water was full of jumping Machaca. As I hopped in the raft the guys taught me how to cast and off we went. They assured me that they have tons of 5 year olds that love this trip and catch fish. I blushed and tried to copy the pro the best I could, praying to the fishing Gods for just one bite.

Fly Fishing Costa Rica Mangroves Guanacaste
This was the smoothest part of the river – perfect for casting.

To begin my casts were too fast and I was not waiting long enough before re-casting. The crew quickly had my casts perfected and after that it was unreal the amount of fish we were lifting. By the third trip down river I was relaxed with my casting and constantly lifting fish. The crew was one of the most interesting teams I have ever fished with. They knew where the fish were, they were locals and this river was their home.


Since this trip Randall and I have never found a fishing excursion we both enjoy more. The perfect mix of wildlife, adventure, adrenaline and tons of good catch. Turns out fishing on the Tenorio  is now one of our most loved fishing trips by our clients – and every chance we get this is where we head for some downtime. There is nothing better than catching fighters like Machaca, while floating down a river with rapids. The species we hunt for on the Tenorio River fishing excursion are Guapote (Rainbow Bass), Robalo (Snook), and Machaca.

Pricing starts at $350 all inclusive. For more information

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Pura Vida, Sarah

Check out our video here from my fishing adventure down the Tenorio River, and yes, that is really me! :

Fishing Osa Peninsula

Also Fishing Osa Peninsula is a sportfisherman`s paradise. If billfishing is your passion then this is where you want to be, Marlin and Sailfishing at it`s best !!

All the Osa Peninsula is amazing for your fishing experience and at the same time enjoy the wonders of Costa Rica.

Corcovado National Park also occupies the peninsula, with the largest area of tropical rainforest lowlands in Central America. This park houses one of the tallest rainforests on earth.

With over 70 registered world records within 60 nautical miles of the bay, it’s no wonder that this fisherman’s paradise has a reputation for providing some of the world’s best sport-fishing.

Depending on the season, Inshore anglers will look for Spanish and Sierra mackerel, snapper, grouper, triggerfish, cabrilla, jacks and roosterfish (which are year-round residents), with offshore anglers finding sailfish, striped, black and blue marlin, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, dorado and wahoo.

Being out on the water also brings opportunities to see other marine life such as whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sea birds, and flying fish, among others. Golfito Marina Village, Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez are great places for fishing at Peninsula de Osa.


Fishing Osa Peninsula

31′ BERTRAM, Twin 250 hp Cat, 22 knots, 4 PEOPLE MAX…


Fishing Osa Peninsula

31′ BERTRAM, Twin 250 hp Cat, 22 knots, 4 PEOPLE MAX…


Fishing Osa Peninsula

35′ CABO, Twin 450 hp Cat, 22 knots, 4 PEOPLE MAX…

Fishing Osa Peninsula Fishing Osa Peninsula Fishing Osa Peninsula

Sierpe River – Mangrove fishing

The mouth of the Sierpe River, part of a lush mangrove estuary and the area around Isla Violines offer a good chance for snook and corvina. The Osa Peninsula is secluded in Costa Rica’s southern pacific coast and is truly a wonderland of nature.

Hedged by more than 66,850 acres of protected, undisturbed mangroves that are intertwined with river canals and tropical rainforest on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The Terraba-Sierpe National Wetlands is situated where the mouths of the Sierpe and Terraba rivers meet and is home some of the biggest mangroves in the world.Fishing Osa Peninsula

Fishing Osa Peninsula Fishing Osa Peninsula Fishing Osa Peninsula

2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships

 We are pleased to announce that 31 of our boats have been selected to compete at the 2016 Offshore World Championships Costa Rica to be held in April.

Frenzy2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica. — A fleet of 67 international teams from 28 countries head out of Marina Pez Vela into the sailfish-rich Costa Rican waters for the 17th Annual Offshore World Championship tournament. Last year Bylines out, anglers ended up releasing an impressive 814 sailfish, 5 blue marlin and one black marlin, setting a new opening day tournament record with 38 more billfish releases than last year’s opening day.Frenzy.2

2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships

This is considered the Olympics of sportfishing where anglers from all over the world will come to Costa Rica. Last year’s event set a record with 2,822 Sailfish caught and released in 4 days. This proves why southern/central Costa Rica is considered the best spot in the world for offshore fishing.

 The Best Fishing Destinations in Costa Rica !!!

We  offer fishing in Guanacaste, Los Sueños Marina, Quepos Marina Pez Vela, Dominical, Golfito, Drake Bay, Arenal lake and other places like Barra Colorado for the famous Costa Rica Tarpon fishing…  Our fleet of fishing vessels range from 26′ to 71’footers.

Here are our boats that have been selected to compete at the 2016 Offshore World Championships

Guanacaste Fishing Boats

 Bushwacker 42′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Brindisi 37′
Crhis Craft
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Coyote Tres 35′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
 Online 33′
Crhis Bertram
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Permit 31′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica

Golfito Fishing Boats

Real Escape 35′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Incomunicado 31′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Muy Caliente 31′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica

Los Sueños Fishing Boats

Sunny One 32′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Good Day Too 36′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Dream Work 36′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Sailfish 36′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Dream Girl 38′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Macusla 40′
2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica
Tijereta 43′
Spanish Fly 42′
Dragin Fly 42′
Sea Fly 42′
Scatterbrain 52′
Rock and Roll ’55

Quepos – Marina Pez Vela Fishing Boats

Big Eye II 32′
Blue Water II 32′
Game fisher
Magic Moon 33′
Reel Deal 33′
Moon Walker 33′
Ummagumma 35′
Sea Hawk 36′
Frenzy 43′
Makaira 44′
Top Notch 45′

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( Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, and Sailfish) experience at its finest not to mention the Dorado and Yellow Fin Tuna! Don’t forget about the fantastic inshore fishing as well for Roosterfish, Pargo, Amberjack and more.

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2016 Offshore Fishing World Championships Costa Rica