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The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Costa Rica

Planning your fishing trip costa rica ? We have all your answers.

DO I need to bring my own fishing equipment to fish in Costa Rica?

No. However, plenty of fisherman do. We completely understand the love relationship with a rod and reel. We ourselves have a collection of lucky charms. However, on any fishing trip booked with us you will have plenty of rods, line, lures, and bait. Depending on what you are looking to catch while on your fishing trip in Costa Rica. We stock the boats prepared to catch what you are looking to catch.

DO I need a fishing license?

Officially, everyone in your group who is going to fish does need a license for sportfishing charters in Costa Rica. Fishing licenses are issued by INCOPESCA, the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Agriculture. The cost is USD $15.00 for a period of 1-8 days; $30.00 for a period of 30 days, and $50.00 for a year. We do not ask that you purchase a license before your arrival. The morning of your fishing charter we will guide you through this process.

CAN I keep the fish I catch?

It is important to know that while fishing in Costa Rica you can keep several species of fish. However, it is important to note that Sailfish, Roosterfish and Marlin are catch and release only. Our local captains will package your catch to take home and recommend local restaurants that will prepare your fresh fish.

Catch and release Costa Rica

Several laws protect the integrity of wild and marine life in Costa Rica. This is one of several reasons why Costa Rica has such rich waters, full of Marlin, Roosterfish and Sailfish. Local sport fisherman take great pride in these conservation efforts.

Fishing Trip Costa Rica

With over 18 years experience fishing, planning fishing trips and itineraries we have the boats, accommodations and captains in all areas of Costa Rica. If you need more advice or information for planning your trip to Costa Rica – we are here to help.





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