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5 Reason to fish in Green Season – Fishing Costa Rica

Why fish in Costa Rica’s Green Season?

Green season, our favourite time of the year in Costa Rica. For us the fishing is great, but also every spot in Costa Rica is less crowded and more enjoyable. Green season starts after Easter and flows through to November. Not always raining, a common misconception! Green season is predictable, normally you will wake up to beautiful blue skies and rain will set in around 3 pm. When fishing, it may be raining but tapers off once we travel off shore.

 1. Accommodations come at a DISCOUNT during Green Season

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Fishing in Costa Rica’s green season often means that your accommodations will be on average 10 – 30% lower. Bargaining power is greater during green season because attractions are not as crowded.

Some boats also offer discount from 10-20% depending on the popularity of the team on board.


2. Fishing is actually incredible in Green season

Fishing during green season we still have many reports of marlin and sailfish bites. Rain season is incredible for Large Yellow Fin Tuna feeding around debris.The rain from the mountains pushes debris down the rivers into river mouths and into the ocean depths. This debris acts as structures for fish to congregate around. These structures hide baitfish, dorgreen season fishingado, and small tunas, with small fish means larger fish are lurking!

Green season is peak for fishing for roosterfish, grouper, and snapper. However due to the richness of our waters – fishing for these species is great year round.


3. Green season is GREEN

Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful in Green or “rainy” season. Green season generally lasts from May through November with September and October being the packages green season

Words can not even begin to express how beautiful Costa
Rica is during the Green Season. Even better rain normally does not roll in until 3 pm and you will almost always wake up to sunny blue skies.



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FAD Trips are our multi-day fishing trips. FADs or Fishing Aggregating Devices are located 80+ miles  off the Costa Rican shore. We have FAD fishing during green season from Quepos, Golfito, and Los Suenos near Jaco.

FAD fishing is all the rave during Green Season with some boats catching up to 20 Marlins per day. Most of the Marlin caught are weighing anywhere from 200 to 800 pounds. It is literally like a fishing hatchery in the middle of the ocean. FAD fishing seems too good to be true – but it is not a myth it is fact!

More about FAD fishing


The oceans experience change in Green Season as well. Water temperatures tend to cool down and large varieties of migratory game fish swim in meaning larger fish are also found closer to shore.

Humpback Wales migrate thousands of miles to the peaceful waters of Cano Island to give birth to their calves. This gives us an incredible opportunity of spotting whales, dolphins and seas turtles while out fishing.

We are currently offering discounted rates on Green season FAD Fishing contact us for more info.



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