Fishing Packages Costa Rica

Fishing packages costa rica

Fishing Costa Rica offers several Fishing Packages Costa Rica; Don't matter if you like freshwater or saltwater fishing; you can customize your own Costa Rica Fishing Vacations. We align with our partners to proudly provide you with first-class accommodations and transportation services. We want to ensure you have the best experience during your visit. Starting from your arrival, right through to your departure, we take care of all the details, so you can focus on fishing.

Design your own Costa Rica Fishing Vacations; now we offer you several Fishing Packages Costa Rica awaits for you. Our company can always assist you to design your own plan; and now we also have great Costa Rica FAD Fishing Package and Family Fishing Packages Costa Rica if you are looking for a real Blue Marlin experience.

Costa Rica is known for a long time as a great place to target a large numbers of giant billfish, Seamount Fishing Package Costa Rica also recently added the distinction of hosting one of the best billfish bites in the world! On any given day you can have 15 Blue Marlin bites in a day. A series of offshore seamounts hold an enormous amount of bait and blue marlin during the spring and summer months. Those willing to make the long chugs out and back to the underwater FADs can be rewarded with double digit billfish bites in a day; live your Costa Rica Fishing Vacations to the fullest.

Have you ever dreamed of releasing a big Marlin during your life? This Costa Rica FAD Fishing Package is for sure the trip of a lifetime. Here we offer you some of the best Fishing Packages Costa Rica pick any of our options and feel free to ask any questions.

On our last four day trip of Seamount Fishing Package Costa Rica, Capt. Jose's crew caught and released 52 of the 68 blue marlin they raised. It was a great Family Fishing Packages Costa Rica for the clients; the fourth of the trip proved to be highest as they caught 22 of the 30 marlin they raised all on lures; the captain said he broke his own record that day.