Guanacaste Fishing Charters

Angelica IV Boat Costa Rica

Angelica IV 29'

5 people max
Angelica V Boat Costa Rica

Angelica V 30'

5 people max
Permit III Boat Costa Rica

Permit III 31'

5 people max
Senuelo Boat Costa Rica

Senuelo 31'

5 people max
Silouetha Boat Costa Rica

Silouetha 32'

5 people max
Navegador Boat Costa Rica

Navegador 32'

5 people max
Magellan Boat Costa Rica

Magellan 36'

5 people max
Dream On Boat Costa Rica

Dream On 32'

5 people max
Encanto Boat Costa Rica

Encanto 33'

5 people max Boat Costa Rica 33'

5 people max
Runaway Boat Costa Rica

Runaway 34'

5 people max
Coyote Tres Boat Costa Rica

Coyote Tres 35'

6 people max
Brindisi 37 Boat Costa Rica

Brindisi 37 37'

6 people max
El Jefe Boat Costa Rica

El Jefe 38'

6 people max
Bushwacker Boat Costa Rica

Bushwacker 42'

6 people max
T-Boat Boat Costa Rica

T-Boat 42'

6 people max
Brindisi 44 Boat Costa Rica

Brindisi 44 44'

8 people max
Brindisi Too Boat Costa Rica

Brindisi Too 50'

8 people max
Mangrove Fishing Guanacaste

Mangrove Fishing Guanacaste

Fishing in Guanacaste is extremely popular, and in villages such as Playa del Coco it once was the main source of income for several locals. Playa del Coco, Tamarindo, Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo were once very tiny fishing villages before the beauty of these towns attracted large hotel chains.

All our fishing charters in Guanacaste depart from Playa Flamingo or Playa del Coco with several boats able to pick you up directly from the beach of your hotel.

Guanacaste Fishing

In Guanacaste Marlin are found 20 – 30 miles off shore from September – November. We raise marlin in the Gulf of Papagayo, blue, black and striped marlin all year round, however, these months are the best for marlin fishing in Guanacaste.
When fishing in Guanacaste it is common to catch 2 – 5 sailfish a day. The highest months for record catches are December through April, however, the statistics are relatively similar all year round.
Roosterfish, one of our personal favorites. The Roosterfish bite is good all year round with the highest months being June – October.
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna are a regular fishing in Guanacaste all year round. The records show June – September has the highest number of catches of 200+ lbs Yellow Fins.
Dorado as well is a regular catch when fishing in Guanacaste. The best season though is rain season from May – October for catching 15 + lb Dorados.
Red Snapper
Snappers are a regular species in Guanacaste and the bite is great all year round. Cubera snappers are commonly caught weighing 60 + lbs.