Fishing Guanacaste

Mangrove Fishing Guanacaste

The most knowledgeable and friendly FISHING guides . Nice scenic rivers through mountains & rainforests, 100% FISHING, You can see lots of wildlife

1 Day, Length: 6 Hours Aprox.

TRANSPORTATION NOT INCLUDED (Please contact us if you need transportation

Tennis shoes, Comfortable clothes, Camera , Sun Block

Professional Fishing guides and equipments(The most knowledgeable and friendly), 2 people raft and Fishing guide, Lunch, Fruits, Water

When staying in the Guanacaste region, the province is well known for outdoor activities; that includes a few of the best places to stay whilst enjoying a fishing vacation. The many volcanic protrusions in the Province are the starting point for countless rivers flowing down to the coast. Rivers meander through the countryside slowing briefly in pools, ponds, or lakes and Mangroves before continuing its journey to the sea. All the rivers, streams, lakes, lagoons, river-mouths, and the beaches too, have many species of sporting fish ready and waiting for a fight. Our local Ticos Captain - Guides are The most knowledgeable and friendly, they will be pleased to share fishing techniques, methods, and if you are fortunate, their most productive spots.

We are Fly Fishing Specialists but We also can offer Bait Casting and Spinning...

We target Rainbow Bass in our summer time and Snook and the famous MACHACA all year around. Machaca are one of the most aggressive and hardest fighting fresh water fish in Costa Rica, once hooked they will leap out of the water several times.

The Machaca found in the tropical rivers along the Pacific Ocean, most Machaca are 2-6 lbs, but large ones can reach 10-15 lbs. The world record Machaca was actually caught here in 1991, weighing in at 9 lbs 8 oz.

Fishing Costa Rica

$ 350 : 2 Anglers Per raft + Fishing Guide

Fishing Costa Rica