Los Suenos Fishing

Jaco Fishing

Our company offers Jaco Fishing Charters at Los Sueños Marina, wich is a world class destination for Sailfish and Marlin. Combined with the beauty, culture, great dining and entertainment, Fishing Jaco is great all year around and truly offers something for everyone. Playa Herradura or Herradura Beach is home to Los Suenos Fishing and is a great place for Fly Fishing Jaco.

Also Jaco Fishing Charters is located on Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast, Jaco area represents a world of adventure, excitement, incredible landscapes and lush rainforest. It's also home of the best International tournaments for sport fishing in the world. Our company has put together the best Jaco Fishing Packages at Los Sueños Marina, considered a five star destination, we have teamed up with luxury hotels and Condos to to give you the best Sportfishing Los Suenos can offer. Have you dreamed of releasing a Marlin during your lifetime? Our Los Suenos Fishing Packages are the trips of a lifetime.

ALL BOATS HAVE : Fish finder, vhf, radio, gps, stereo system, captain & mate. Crew: Bilingual and Experienced

  • Inshore Fishing Jaco
    Allin Boat Costa Rica

    Allin 28'

  • Snook Fishing Jaco
    Snook Boat Costa Rica

    Snook 28'

  • Half Day Fishing Jaco
    Caballo de Mar Boat Costa Rica

    Caballo de Mar 28'

  • Roosterfish Fishing Jaco
    Goliat Boat Costa Rica

    Goliat 30'

  • Snapper Fishing Jaco
    Nazaria Boat Costa Rica

    Nazaria 30'

  • Red Snapper Fishing Jaco
    Kaimaru Boat Costa Rica

    Kaimaru 30'

  • Wahoo Fishing Jaco
    Go Fish Boat Costa Rica

    Go Fish 32'

  • Bottom Fishing Jaco
    Sunny One Boat Costa Rica

    Sunny One 32'

  • Amberjack Fishing Jaco
    La Patrona Boat Costa Rica

    La Patrona 36'

  • Tuna Fishing Jaco
    Good Day Too Boat Costa Rica

    Good Day Too 36'

  • Mahi Mahi Fishing Jaco
    Dream Work Boat Costa Rica

    Dream Work 36'

  • Roosterfish Fishing Los Suenos
    Grand Slam Boat Costa Rica

    Grand Slam 36'

  • Dorado Fishing Jaco
    Paciencia Boat Costa Rica

    Paciencia 38'

  • Sailfish Fishing Jaco
    Fish On Boat Costa Rica

    Fish On 40'

  • Marlin Fishing Jaco
    Macushla Boat Costa Rica

    Macushla 40'

  • Sea Mount Fishing Jaco
    Fire Fly Boat Costa Rica

    Fire Fly 43'

  • Full Day Fishing Jaco
    Spanish Fly Boat Costa Rica

    Spanish Fly 43'

  • Deep Sea Fishing Jaco
    Sea Fly Boat Costa Rica

    Sea Fly 43'

  • Fads Fishing Jaco
    Dragin Fly Boat Costa Rica

    Dragin Fly 43'

  • Bill Fishing Jaco
    Geaux Fly Boat Costa Rica

    Geaux Fly 43'

  • Marlin Fishing Los Suenos
    Crush Em Boat Costa Rica

    Crush Em 50'

  • Marlin Fishing Costa Rica
    Open Fly Boat Costa Rica

    Open Fly 52'

  • Tuna Fishing Los Suenos
    Scatterbrain Boat Costa Rica

    Scatterbrain 52'

  • River Fishing Jaco
    Mangrove Fishing Jaco

    Mangrove Fishing

  • Fishing Packages Jaco
    Fishing Packages Jaco

    Fishing Packages

The properties we work with in Los Suenos Fishing Packages are located in special areas to provide its guests with the country's best qualities: they are located only a few yards from the beach, surrounded by nature and near to the most important Jaco Fishing Charters and the best Fishing Destinations in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica the Fly Fishing Jaco for Billfish is the best, Just get on board of any of our Jaco Fishing Charters and get the huge runs of sailfish so looking forward to some awesome billfish action! In addition to the sailfish, there should be a great shot at landing quite a few of the big bull dorado offshore, and then there is always the good chance of the Fly Fishing Jaco provides.

Inshore also is amazing for amber Jack, Spanish Mackerel and Barracuda bite. It’ll be some great days when Fishing Los Suenos out there