Jaco Fishing Charters

Allin Boat Costa Rica

Allin 28'

4 people max
Snook Boat Costa Rica

Snook 28'

4 people max
Caballo de Mar Boat Costa Rica

Caballo de Mar 28'

4 people max
Goliat Boat Costa Rica

Goliat 30'

4 people max
Nazaria Boat Costa Rica

Nazaria 30'

4 people max
Kaimaru Boat Costa Rica

Kaimaru 28'

4 people max
Go Fish Boat Costa Rica

Go Fish 32'

5 people max
Sunny One Boat Costa Rica

Sunny One 32'

5 people max
Sueltalo Boat Costa Rica

Sueltalo 34'

5 people max
La Patrona Boat Costa Rica

La Patrona 36'

5 people max
Good Day Too Boat Costa Rica

Good Day Too 36'

6 people max
Dream Work Boat Costa Rica

Dream Work 36'

6 people max
Paciencia Boat Costa Rica

Paciencia 38'

6 people max
Fish On Boat Costa Rica

Fish On 40'

6 people max
Macushla Boat Costa Rica

Macushla 40'

6 people max
Fire Fly Boat Costa Rica

Fire Fly 43'

6 people max
Spanish Fly Boat Costa Rica

Spanish Fly 43'

6 people max
Sea Fly Boat Costa Rica

Sea Fly 43'

6 people max
Dragin Fly Boat Costa Rica

Dragin Fly 43'

6 people max
Geaux Fly Boat Costa Rica

Geaux Fly 43'

7 people max
Crush Em Boat Costa Rica

Crush Em 50'

8 people max
Open Fly Boat Costa Rica

Open Fly 52'

8 people max
Scatterbrain Boat Costa Rica

Scatterbrain 52'

8 people max
Rock and Roll Boat Costa Rica

Rock and Roll 55'

8 people max
Mangrove Fishing Jaco

Mangrove Fishing Jaco

Jaco is the largest tourist town 90 minutes from the capital of San Jose Costa Rica and only a 90-minute drive. Jaco is the perfect destination for a weekend sport fishing trip, or a weeklong FAD fishing deep sea adventure. Jaco is a great vacation destination because it combines so many benefits of Costa Rica all within a short driving distance.

In Jaco we currently have our largest fleet of sport fishing boats, also this is where our company owned fishing charter company calls home. Our company fleet is located in Herradura Bay, a short 10-minute drive from Jaco. Los Suenos Marina is also located in Herradura Bay and is home to Los Suenos Resort and Los Suenos Marriot Hotel.

Why is Jaco a great fishing destination?

1. Short run time to the fishing grounds
2. Average day offshore is 20 + fish lifted
3. Extremely calm waters
4. Highly experienced crews with lifetime of experience, tournament experience, and tournament fishing options
5. Inshore Rooster fishing is amazing in Jaco and Los Suenos area
6. Inshore fishing is close with several famous fishing “spots”
7. Accommodation options for every budget
8. Close to shopping, tours, and nightlife
9. Some of the best restaurants are located in Jaco and Los Suenos
10. Yellow fin Tuna that push upwards of 300 lbs
11. Best time to fish? Year round, seeing marlin 750 lbs + is very common in all seasons

Fishing Los Suenos Marina

Los Suenos was the first Marina in Costa Rica, with over 200 slips, and one of the longest running fishing tournaments. Los Suenos attracts thousands of competitive fishermen every year. Los Suenos is located 10 minutes from Jaco on the same grounds as Los Suenos Marriot and Resort.

Los Suenos is home to several of the country’s most beautiful gated communities. These communities of houses and condos make the perfect stay during your fishing vacation in Costa Rica.

Los Suenos is the perfect home base during your fishing vacation, just a few minutes to the charter fishing dock.

What fish can I catch fishing from Los Suenos and Jaco?

Sailfish is perhaps the most celebrated of all the billfish species. The sail-like cobalt blue dorsal fin distinguishes this fish from other billfish. Their bill is also another distinguishing factor as they are longer usually twice as long as the lower jaw.
Sailfish can be found off the coast of Los Suenos all through the year, best time to land some Sailfish is from November to April.
Yellowfin Tuna
The Yellowfin Tuna are considered to be the most colorful of all the tunas. They have distinctively yellow colored fins and in certain large specimens the anal and second dorsal fin can be quite long to reach the tail base. Can be found all year round, the months from January to August are known as the peak fishing season from Los Suenos for Yellow Fin Tuna.
The Blue and Black Marlins are two species of Marlins that are found in the waters when fishing from Los Suenos and Jaco. A fully grown Blue Marlin female can be as long as 14 feet and can weigh over 900 kg. These fish are highly prized for their aggressive fighting qualities. Marlin are raised all year long, May and June and then November and December are the best months.
The Dorado often referred to as the Dolphinfish. Dorados are beautiful fish in a multitude of colors. All fish can be found year-round in Costa Rica, the waters are so rich and vibrant that raising fish never slows. However, the best season to catch a Dorado from Los Suenos is from November until April.
The Roosterfish are one of the most sought-after species when in-shore fishing by our clients. In Jaco and Los Suenos we have highly experienced captains that specialize in the unique Roosterfish. The best rooster fishing season is from January to August.
Red Snapper
The Red Snapper like all the other snappers are hard fighting fish. Red Snappers are found near Los Suenos all year round. The months with the highest catches of red snapper is July – December.