Sea Mount Fishing Costa Rica

FAD fishing Costa Rica

Day 1

Depart in the afternoon - anchoring up on the Furuno Reef for night time bottom fishing and day light hunting for black marlin, or making the big run to where the sailfish are..

Day 2

Fishing the FADs - Blue Marlin - Sailfish - Marlin...The best Blue Marlin Fishing in the World

Day 3

Fishing the FADs - Blue Marlin - Sailfish - Marlin...The best Blue Marlin Fishing in the World

Day 4

Fishing the FADs in the morning - return home...

Do you know what Seamount Fishing Costa Rica means? It means a lot of Billfish; a sea mount is a mountain that rises from the ocean bottom but never reaches sea level.

The FAD Fishing Quepos and other sea mounts usually rises from the sea bottom and up to a range of 900–4100 meters in height. All these sea mounts can be found in sea mount chains or standing alone in some other cases, also could be featured into a continental plate such as the case of the Quepos Plateau, in the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Our FAD Blue Marlin Costa Rica team have discovered a real treasure for all those sport fishing lovers.

Seamount Fishing Los Suenos is very rich in sea live specially the offshore of the Quepos Plateau; It's unlike any other continental slope . The currents bring rich nutrient waters from the depths which are forced to the sides. The abundance of plankton on these rising waters attract smaller bait fish, which in return brings large amount of other bigger predators giving great conditions for FAD Fishing Costa Rica.

The Sea Mount Fishing in Costa Rica is great all year around , Sport fishing charters have now discovered a few sea mounts rising up from the bottom and found a new blue marlin fishery 80 to 100 miles on the Central Pacific offshore.

This Seamount Fishing Los Suenos Package of 4 days 3 nights on the boat, is a package designed for serious Fishermen only; FAD (fish aggregating device) more than 100 miles way from Los Sueños Marina or Quepos.

The FAD Fishing Quepos wich is a manmade structure that creates an artificial ecosystem. As with natural floating objects like tree trunks or branches, fish are attracted to the Seamount Fishing Costa Rica and use them to seek protection from predators.

When Seamount Fishing Costa Rica, these sea mounts have always produced fish, and lots of them... Within the last couple of years, very enterprising sports fishermen have invested a lot of time and an awful lot of money in anchoring FADs or Fish Attracting Devices in 1500 feet of water, underwater away from sight of anyone who doesn't know they are there, but also close enough to the surface to be a substrate and catalyst for an explosion of bait that normally gathers around the area due to the rich upwelling and abundant life; the result is abundance of FAD Blue Marlin Costa Rica that anglers from all over the globe seek every year.

All this is great for FAD Fishing Quepos: a concentration of bait, primarily bonito and baby yellow fin tuna, and that brings the predators that feed on them. In essence, over the past year, this area has proven to be the absolute best FAD Fishing Costa Rica on the planet.

This Seamount Fishing Costa Rica Package is available with Charters Boats from Quepos Marina Pez Vela and from Marina Los Sueños, packages on 36' and even bigger up to 60'.

Ideal for FAD Blue Marlin Costa Rica provides these awesome seamount areas near Quepos, come and enjoy fishing at another level. Don't forget that we can also help you design your own FAD Fishing Costa Rica package just contact us by email or call our toll free number.