Surf Fishing Costa Rica


Surf fishing is an ancient fishing technique and is extremely popular among locals in Costa Rica. Surf fishing is casting lines with bait as far into the surf from a beach, reefs, or rocks as possible aiming to catch fish standing in the shoreline or wading in the surf.

This is the perfect fishing for those who do not want to spend the day in the ocean on a boat and are looking for fishing and a cultural experience. We welcome you to bring your own equipment, however we provide highly experience local guides that provide all the bait, lures, and rods you will require for your fishing expedition. It is very common to see locals along the shore or on the reefs at low tide with hand lines fishing for their families dinner.

Our guided surf fishing expeditions are perfect for experienced fisherman as well as families looking for a fun day walking beaches and local fishing hide outs along the coast. All the fish you catch except the priced Rooster Fish, will be cleaned, filleted, and bagged for you to take and enjoy.

Fish we catch Surf Fishing are rooster fish.

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