Inshore Fishing Costa Rica


When booking a fishing trip the most important question is what species are you fishing for? Fishing inshore is defined as within 30 miles from shore, typically in Costa Rica you will be fishing in local hotspots such as coves or around reefs found close to land. You will be fishing for smaller species such as snook, snapper and grouper.}

Inshore fishing is also very family friendly as the waters are generally more calm, and many of our charters you can combine family fun such as secluded beach swimming with some serious fishing with the best Captains in Costa Rica.

Inshore fishing provides more opportunity to catch a lot more quantity of fish than offshore does, although smaller species. Inshore and offshore are both equally as rewarding and boil down to the species of fish you would like to catch and the type of day commitment you can make. All charters booked through us are with boats that are insured, inspected and have on board the latest in high-tech fishing equipment.

Species we catch inshore are rooster, snapper, grouper, amberjacks, snook.

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