Snook Fishing Costa Rica


Snook, also known in Costa Rica as Robalo, is a common target for local and sport fishermen for the delicious tasting meat. Since Snook fishing does not require high end gear, local fisherman frequently fish with hand lines. Costa Rica currently holds the IGFA world record for Snook, weighting 53 lbs caught in 1978. There are 5 Snook species in the world, the most frequently caught in Costa Rica is the Common Snook.

How do you catch a Snook?

Best fishing for Snook is on the changing tide, especially high falling tide around river mouths and coastal shores. Snook can be found in both fresh and saltwater. Snook can be caught fishing from bridges, surf fishing or on boats close to the river mouth or shore. Snook are predator hunters, generally they will wait for their prey to swim past and then attack. Bright lures, trolling, and live bait are all great methods to catch Snook.

Can I keep my catch?

Yes! This is the most commonly served fresh fish at local restaurants here in Costa Rica, the meat is delicious.

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