Roosterfish Fishing Costa Rica


Roosterfish in Costa Rica are one of the most sought-after species by our clients. We have an abundant amount of Roosterfish here in Costa Rica. Roosterfish are from the jack family, they are distinguished by its "rooster comb", seven very long spines of the dorsal fin. Roosterfish generally swim with their dorsal fins tuck down for better swim speed, when out of the water, they raise their dorsal fin and the brilliant colors are displayed.

How do you catch a Roosterfish?

Roosterfish are one of the most sought-after fish in Costa Rica. Roosterfish are an inshore species found over sandy bottoms, around rock and reef formations. When fishing for roosterfish we use live bait with casting or trolling, when hooked it is important to remember the harder you jerk the rod, the harder a roosterfish will fight. If you jerk the rod right after the bite, a roosterfish will shake the hook loose. With Roosterfish, it is important to have patience and slowly reel them in. .

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