Wahoo Fishing Costa Rica


Wahoo fish are loner fish and travel in small loose schools of 2 to 6 fish, extremely fast reaching up to 50 mph. The upper jaw of a wahoo is movable with large, strong and compressed teeth. The back of a wahoo is bright deep electric blue. Bright vertical tiger stripe lines are found on most wahoo specifically larger wahoos.

Wahoos are found near underwater rock and reef formations where smaller fish are easy to feed on. They can also be found migrating deep at sea.

Fishing methods include trolling with whole, rigged baits as well as with strip baits or artificial lures. Live bait fishing and kite fishing are productive, but the wahoo is a relatively scarce species and is usually taken incidentally while fishing for other oceanic species. The wahoo has commercial importance in some countries. The flesh is finely grained and sweet and is considered excellent eating

How do you catch a Wahoo?

Most times when we catch a wahoo we are not at all fishing for one. If you are specifically fishing for wahoo it is important that there is a foot-long wire leader ahead of the artificial lure that ensures the wahoo’s sharp teeth do not cut the line. The methods we use to catch wahoo are trolling with rigged baits, as well as strip baits and artificial lures.

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