Snapper Fishing Costa Rica


Fishing in Costa Rica you will find several species of Snapper including Mullet, Pacific Red, Cubera, Yellow, and Rock. The snapper is highly sought after by local fisherman, several fishermen or their family can be found holding fresh caught snapper for sale on the roadsides.

The two most common species to catch in Costa Rica are:

Red Snapper (called ‘Pargo Rojo’ in spanish)

Red Snapper are pinkish to red in color. They can grow to nearly 3.5 feet long and can top 80 lbs in weight. They have a spiny dorsal fin and very sharp needle-like teeth, so be careful when handling them out of the water.

Cubera (also known as ‘Pacific Dog Snapper’)

The Cubera Snapper can have a reddish hue, similar to the coloring of the Red Snapper (although usually more of a reddish-brown, golden brown or bronze tone). However, what clearly distinguishes the Cubera Snapper is its large, pronounced canine teeth. While the Red Snapper has small needle-like teeth, the Cubera has very large, very menacing dagger like teeth protruding from both the upper and lower jaws.

How do you catch a snapper?

The best way to catch a snapper is in blue water, the cleaner and clearer the better with noisy poppers or deep vertical jigs. Snapper live 150 feet down and do not like to move from the shelter and protection of rocks. Once hooked the snapper will dive deep to break the line. Heavy tackle and a tight drag are the way to catch the 60+lb snappers in Costa Rica.

Can I keep my catch?

Yes! Snapper meat is sweet, delicious, white and flaky.

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