Sailfish Fishing Costa Rica


Sailfish are easily recognized by their slender body, long bill and large dorsal Fin shaped like a “sail”. Sailfish are the most common caught big game fish in Costa Rica. Sailfish are the largest of the marlin species. Sailfish range is colours and patterns, from brown to blue and gray. Sailfish have the ability to change colours and patterns when they are hunting to blend to their surroundings. When excited they light up and become beautiful blue with a silver belly.

When fishing offshore in Costa Rica, you will commonly see sailfish jumping and flopping in the water while trying to herd baitfish into a tight ball. It is also common to see their dorsal fin above the water while they are tailing and feeding on smaller species. Sailfish travel together in packs and work together herding fish into schools.

How do you catch a sailfish?

While offshore fishing in Costa Rica, Sailfish are generally caught trolling a spread of teasers and dead bait on circle hooks. It is very common to have several sailfish hook the line simultaneously. They can also be caught with live bait around reefs or floating debris in the water.

Can I keep my catch?

No. Sailfish are catch and release only.

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