Mahi Mahi Fishing Costa Rica


Mahi Mahi also referred to as Dorado, Dolphin, and Dolphinfish. In Costa Rica Mahi Mahi fishing is excellent in our rain season because of the amount of debris coming down streams into the ocean. Mahi Mahi love to hunt and hide around floating debris. Although mainly caught while fishing offshore, some can be caught around reef formations.

Mahi Mahi are distinctive fish for their shape and colours. Even though the Mahi Mahi is among the most colourful fish, the colours defy and single description. Generally, when the Mahi Mahi is alive in the water, the dolphin is rich iridescent blue or blue green dorsally; gold, bluish gold, or silvery gold on the lower flanks; and silvery white or yellow on the belly. The sides are sprinkled with a mixture of dark and light spots, ranging from black or blue to golden. When removed from the water, the colors fluctuate between blue, green, and yellow.

How do you catch a Mahi Mahi?

We catch Mahi Mahi using the same fishing methods as big game. Normally with a spread of teasers and lures, trolling, although the lures can be lighter if we are targeting solely Dolphinfish. When a Dolphinfish is caught, their speed and fight sends them flying above the water.

Can I keep my catch?

Yes! Mahi Mahi is delicious meat cooked any way.

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