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Black Marlin Fishing in Costa Rica

Black Marlins can be quickly identified since it is the only marlin to have rigid pectoral fins that cannot be folded flat against the body without breaking the joints. Black Marlins are also different because of its very short ventral fins. The body is very lateral and not rounded. The first dorsal fin is also the shortest of any billfish.

The body of a Black Marlin is blue, changing quickly into silver-white below the lateral line. Often times when leaping from the water during feeding, you can see blue vertical lines on the sides of the Black Marlin.

When fishing offshore in Costa Rica it is very common to catch a 200-500lb black marlin. The largest Black Marlins are generally always female. The Black Marlin is at the top of the food chain and feed on anything that swims, including smaller marlin.

Black Marlins are found in water over 500ft deep, along cliffs or drop offs hunting. They are arguably one of the most impressively powerful gamefish when hooked with inexhaustible energy as they dive and pull to remove the hook.

How do you catch a black marlin?

While offshore fishing in Costa Rica, Black Marlins are generally caught trolling a spread of teasers and dead bait on circle hooks. It is very common to have several sailfish hook the line simultaneously. They can also be caught with live bait around reefs or floating debris in the water.

Can I keep my catch?

No. Marlin are protected, catch and release only.

Striped Marlin Fishing in Costa Rica

Striped Marlin are the smallest marlin, the most distinguishing characteristic is the high, pointed dorsal fin. Striped Marlins are flat and movable, their fins can be folded flush against their body. The lateral line is straight, single and visible. The Striped Marlin has a number of bright blue sport on the find and pale blue or purple vertical stripes on the sides.

Just because they are the smallest Marlin does not mean they lack a show when hooked. Since they are smaller and lighter, they tend to spend more time out of the water when hooked. They run along the surface fighting to loosen the hook.

How do you catch a striped Marlin?

Marlin are a lot like sailfish and travel and hunt in packs. This also makes it extremely common to hook 1 or 2 striped marlins at the same time. Fishing methods are tolling with whole fish, strip baits, lures and also live bait fishing. Most Striped Marlin caught in Costa Rica are between 80-200 lbs. Anglers commonly confuse the striped marlin with a blue marlin.

Can I keep my catch?

No. Marlins are protected, catch and release only.

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